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Full HD Video & Audio

Dedicated online studio to produce over 400 Hours of full high definition video and audio to enhance your learning experience.

Modulated Courses

Developed by scholars who have helped hundreds of students from beginners to advanced learners of the Arabic language translate the Quran cover to cover.

Spiral Curriculums

Our spiral curriculum aids students by building layers of competency by integrating revision techniques with new grammatical concepts.

Dedicated Student Support

Dedicated student support by your side every step of the way to answer your questions online with a built in course student forum.

Islamic Education on Demand

"Study the Quran in the comfort of your own home, in your own time, on your own schedule."

Quran Alive Monthly Subscription

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Unveil the deeper meaning of the Quran by understanding the Kalam of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala directly in Arabic?
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Arabic Grammar

Fully master the foundations of the Arabic language, Nahwu (Etymology) & Sarf (Morphology)

There is a special verse in the Quran which Allah has reserved especially for you which will change your life forever.

Develop an ayah for ayah breakdown through the analysis of Arabic grammar.

Give the gift of knowledge.

Acquire skils to pass the knowledge onto your family members, future students and build a pathway to further your Islamic studies.

"Quran Alive allows students to study the Arabic language from three critical angles, vocabulary, essential theory and practical application."

Quran Alive Course Curriculum

Sheikh Ikraam Buksh and his team of Australian scholars published their first grammar book in 2016 continuously revising and developing their course material.

With the content ready and a tried and tested system, Sheikh Ikraam Buksh and his team were requested to cater to the greater Australian community via Quran Alive online.

Our Course Publications & Material

An all-out approach to student engagement and experience is part of our core organisational belief.

"We believe all souls should experience the eloquence of the Quran, and everyone has a chance to communicate with Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala directly in Arabic."

Hear From Our Students

Hajji Burhan

"Upon joining Quran Alive I have been able to connect with my creator by understanding the meaning of the Quran."

Aunty Ratna

"I have found such a deeper and more meaningful connection to Allah since joining the Quran Alive course. It has given me the knowledge to understand the Quran while reading and during my Salah."

Quran Alive's proven system focuses on bringing all of the subjects of Arabic grammar into an easy to manage, easy to understand procedure. Focusing on the skills of sight, which allows students to practically apply grammatical laws. Watch Farouk our student of 8 months confidently translate the Quran.


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