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Nahwu 1

Academy Alive
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Quran Alive Online allows students to study “Islamic Education on Demand” studying in your own time in your own home on your own schedule. Quran Alive was created by Australian born scholars to help non-Arabic speaking backgrounds learn to build a connection with the Quran. Building fundamental grammatical skills to confidently translate the Quran cover to cover.

Course prerequisite

The only course prerequisite which is required for a Quran Alive student is that ability to read the Quran fluently.

Course Overview

Course Duration – 12 Months Self-Paced

Quran Alive focuses on bringing all of the subjects of Arabic Grammar into one easy to manage online course.

Quran Alive focuses on the skills of sight, which allows students to apply grammatical laws adopting a strategy student to learn how to break down a sentence into the most minute of components. Students are then building it back through pairing and constructions.


Quran Alive course curriculum is split into three categories

    • Vocabulary
    • Essential Theory
    • Practical Application

Quran Alive has multiple stages: each stage is focusing on a different angle of logical progression. As the students’ progress through the course, they will encounter more subtle rules, which will allow the Quran to be enjoyed more delicately. Each stage grows in its proportion of work and builds layers of competency.


Stages are as follows

    • Level 1 Grammar, Nahwu 1, Sarf 1 and Grammar Reader
    • Level 2 Grammar, Introduction to the Quran
    • Level 3 Grammar, Quran Progression
    • Surah Kahf, Surah Mulk, Surah Ar - Rahmaan
    • Subtle Grammar rules and Quran Progression.


Student Study Requirements

Each student is recommended to study 10 hours a week.

All students must complete minor quizzes to test basic understanding and concepts as they progress through their course.

Complete graded exams at the end of each milestone and completed unit of learning.

Participate in our scheduled COCO examination, which will allow a student to progress further into the Quran Alive Course.


Course Materials

Each student will be provided with complete Nahwu & Sarf reading material as their course progresses. It is developed by the Academy Alive team to compliment the Quran Alive Syllabus 

Exercise storybook created and developed by the Academy Alive team focusing on the technicalities faced by learners and how to overcome the beginning hurdles comfortably.

Access to full HD tutorials.

Receive their very own copy of the Quran Alive Translation Exercise Book

Hans Wehr Arabic - English Dictionary to aid in understanding the foundations of Root letters.


Student Support Resources 

In-built student forum, where you can post all your questions and comments for others to see. 

Access previous student questions and scholar responses to aid you along your Quran Alive Journey.

Live Q&A webinars, scheduled weekly Live Q&A webinars for personal interaction which will be recorded and uploaded to view in your own time.

Here is the course outline:

1. Introduction to Nahwu 1

Within the Introduction, students will take a first glance at how Quran Alive has come to fruition and how our founder Sheikh Ikraam Buksh journey as a student of deen and your individual journey will connect during your time learning with Quran Alive.

2. Basic Elements

In this module we will cover the basic elements with regards to the arabic grammar for Nahwu (nouns), and how it is implemented as well as how it manipulates the structure of arabic grammar.

3. Signs of Nouns

This module will deal with the signs of Nahwu and how it impacts and manipulates arabic grammar and sentence structure

4. Compound (Murakkab)

This module will deal with the compound structure of the arabic language. It is the next step towards understanding and formulating entire sentences.

5. Sentences

Up until this point we have been dealing with the individual constituents that make up an arabic sentence. We now have all the necessary tools to understand, comprehend, analyse and break down basic sentence structure of the arabic language.

6. Nahwu 1 Encore

This module is an encore of all of N1 (Nahwu 1) that has been covered thus far. Therefore this is a collective summary which allows us to bring all the ideas that we have already learnt back together. It is essential that everything is thoroughly understood before moving forward with the course !!!